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About Thea Westra When the content of this book gets you to move even just one centimetre towards the fulfilment of your desires then it is doing its job.

The role of “Time For My Life: 365 Stepping Stones” is to stir you into new thought or action and change your life, habit by habit.

Thea Westra - www.forwardsteps.com.au

Time For My Life
365 Stepping Stones

2,843 life power and energy boosters at your fingertips every day for a year!

It’s the ultimate birthday, milestone, new year, or holiday season gift for infinite and continuous inspiration all year long...

Own Your Personal Copy!

I created this book for myself, and NOW I share it with you...
424 power pages - to use daily before the gremlins take hold!

Get this book to empower you with “moment by moment” inspiring forward steps to change your experience of life!

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Extra Goodies For You

There are a few specially added bonuses that come with this book.

A special collection of unique gifts is given FREE to you on page 423 of your book

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If you’re feeling overwhelmed with responsibility, bored with the same tired routine, or frustrated about how to create meaning in your life then snippets of time, well spent every day, can lead to extraordinary changes.

The content on the pages of this motivational book, gives guideposts to which you can return throughout the day, providing energy, motivation, ideas, options, personal choices and inspiration when you want them most.

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Here is something else to keep in mind...

Apparently the average person talks to himself or herself about 50,000 times a day and it’s said that these personal conversations of ours are negative 80% of the time.
Visitors to www.forwardsteps.com.au and www.ask-thea.about.com often ask me how to remove those negative thoughts.

“It’s easier to achieve and maintain a positive attitude if you have a “library” of positive thoughts in your head, so that you can draw upon them if the day doesn’t go exactly as you’d prefer...

...find new ways to pump positive thoughts and feeling into your head. Set a target of at least 15 minutes a day. If you commit more time to this, you’ll get more benefits.”

-Geoffrey James [Achieve a Winning Attitude in 6 Easy Steps - bnet.com/blog/salesmachine]

Let me share a secret with you...

Thoughts are not something to be removed. They can only be replaced, just as as it is when we’re replacing habits that do not serve us.
Use the pages from “Time For My Life: 365 Stepping Stones” as your daily point of focus, before the gremlins begin to take hold!

“Little by little a person becomes evil, as a water pot is filled by drops of water... Little by little a person becomes good, as a water pot is filled by drops of water.” -Buddha

Hang out with that idea for a bit. If you have any doubt about the exponential growth of benefits, when taking even the most miniscule of actions consistently and over time, keep in mind the following parable too...

There is a famous compound interest story about the Emperor of China who offered the inventor of the game of chess one wish.

The inventor replied that he wanted one grain of rice on square one of the chessboard, two grains on the second square, four on the third and so on through square sixty-four.

The unsuspecting emperor agreed to the seemingly humble request.

Yet, two raised to the sixty-fourth power is eighteen million trillion grains of rice, more than all the rice in China!

Time For My Life: 365 Stepping Stones at TimeForMyLife.com has more than 1,000 practical actions for forward steps and self improvement every day, for an entire year! In total, 2,843 life power and energy boosters at your fingertips in one place.

2,843 Stepping Stones For Your Life

Can you even begin to imagine, how that many actions, options, inspirations, tasks, and ideas could transform your life if you took up each of them, over a full year?

You can flick through and skim the pages of this book like a deck of cards, then choose a random page for immediate inspiration, and ideas or work through the book daily.

Incrementally and painlessly take action each day from this book, your life and your environment will certainly look very different at the end of a year.

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Patricia Schiavone book testimonialI have gone through your amazing book and I want to send you my heartfelt congratulations for the awesome book you wrote together with my heartfelt thanks for the extremely positive and useful Personal Development tool you have created and that I already started taking advantage of. My God, Thea, your product is excellent!

The idea of taking daily steps, taking daily action, focusing positively daily is full of wisdom and I'm sure it will help me improve many aspects of my life. You'll certainly hear from me in one year. But I already loved the idea of not taking it seriously and of focusing on one page a day.

I know the incredible amount of resources you share here should not surprise me, because your blogs are always an unending source of fantastic material, but you know what? It did surprise me, indeed!

I am sure the readers will see a significant change in their lives after they read/follow/practice your book. I hope you believe me that after one day of reading your book, I already felt a change in my focus, and in my day.

It is my wish that this book reaches the masses. I certainly want my friends and my neighbours to start their days reading your book :)

Thank you very much and con-gra-tu-la-tions!

Patricia Schiavone

Let’s Take A Closer Look At The Content...

  365 Stepping Stones - this is a life power tip for the day, something to personally consider, contemplate, or question. It is a short, simple message with a focus point that gives you poignant food for thought.

  365 Actions - activities that help expand your experience of life, or get you in touch with others. They are the things you can do to nurture you or others, and that generally have a “feel good” factor. The action may also be something that moves you forward with personal goals.

  365 Challenges - an activity that you can take on board for a day, or for a longer stretch of time. It is something to practise, to take as a practice, or to take up as your personal challenge. Take these for a test drive!

  365 Quotes - added as daily food for thought, and simply for inspiring you to action. Many quotes also carry teaching lessons, or call you into taking action with a certain area of your life.

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  365 Clearing Tasks - this is a brief task related to your personal environment. Doing one of these each day will help you to be a little more on top of being organized than you may usually be. Each might even get you started with doing a little more around the house or office for that day.

  365 Power Questions - a conscience squirmer that encourages you to look at what is currently going on in your life, and these questions perhaps will be a catalyst for making some changes.

  365 Affirmations - you could write these on a little card and carry it around for the day. It is a place to stand, something to take aboard. You will be more powerfully enabled to deal with all the circumstances that show up during the day within each specific, and uniquely designed context.

  AS WELL AS... 288 Web Links, That’s Six Each Week! A total of 48 recommended books, 48 feature length movie suggestions, 48 online videos, 48 personal development sites, 48 links to humor and 48 inspiring songs.

Cindy Cullen book testimonialThea, thank you for such an inspiring, motivating book!

It’s such a GREAT way to start each day. It’s given me something to think about each morning thats helped me start my day in a positive way! The questions and challenges really help me look at my life in new ways to see how I need to change or how I should pat myself on the back for doing well.

I love the videos, websites, book, humor and music links in the weekly bonuses! But, my favorite part is the Clearing each day. I’m beginning to see the power of keeping the clutter out of my life. The quotes are a favorite too. Oh, it’s really hard to choose a favorite! It’s ALL good!

Thank you for being such an uplifting part of my mornings!

Cindy Cullen

Here Are Yet MORE Benefits...

’Time For My Life’ is in the format of a day to a page. Can’t get more simple than that! You can pick up this book, open it at any page and you will instantly find a relevant and practical reference, for you to come back to calm.

Specially Added Bonuses For You!

Inside the book is FREE access to seven Forward Steps gifts.

Those gifts are available on page 423 of the book only after purchase.

Take Advantage And Get Time For My Life Today!

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“Time For My Life: 365 Stepping Stones” is THE book to kick-start your mornings, or any moment of your days! You did not find this “Time For My Life” book by accident.

We often achieve our goals by taking small steps and practicing every day.That principle applies to achieving your dreams for the next year too. Take more baby steps, and more often. In our fast-paced livessmall, achievable steps in the direction of your desired end results are easier to make.

That will get YOUR life’s goals in momentum and all that YOU want to fulfill will be on a path of success. Take a FIRST STEP by getting this book. :)

Christopher Westra book testimonialThanks Thea for giving me Time For My Life!

I love the option to receive each day’s pages in my email. That way it just comes automatically to lift me up and make my day.

When I get a Stepping Stone, Action, Challenge, Quote, Clearing, Question, and Affirmation each day that makes 2555 positive messages for the year. I like the Questions and Challenges the best.

I’ve heard that our lives will be much the same one year from now, except for the people we meet and the books we read. This is one book that lives up to the reputation of ’Life Changing’.

Christopher Westra

“Time For My Life: 365 Stepping Stones” is a daily “call to action” helping us take consistent, energized action. There’s also an abundance of no-fluff, feel-good material, on each one of its pages!

Time For My Life is your catalyst for maintaining daily momentum, inspiring for a positive mind-set and clarifying for your intentions.

Frank Feather book testimonialThea (Forward Steps) Westra is an extraordinarily forward-looking, invigorating, and organized person, who lays out simple plans on how to get to a better future. She has a unique ability to bring order out of chaos and to simplify it into logical steps that anyone can understand and follow - to thus reorganize their life or business for success. Her genius is clearly demonstrated in her brilliant book “Time For My Life: 365 Stepping Stones” which is a daily call to energized action.

For me, this book brings to mind many Chinese sayings such as “Go step-by-step,” or “Cross the river by feeling for the stones with your feet,” or “A job well begun [by taking the first step] is half done.”

Thea Westra is a clear-headed guide to anyone’s future. She takes you forward, step-by-step, through the turbulent waters of your life, to find a better future. Her work is valuable whether you are becalmed, in rough water, or sailing along with the tide. I highly recommend her to you, and I wholeheartedly endorse her book “Time For My Life: 365 Stepping Stones”.

Get it, read it, use it - daily - and I know that you will have the time of your life! Indeed, this could be the single best forward step you ever take!!

Frank Feather

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If you’ve been doing the same thing every day, because your habits have become largely involuntary, the Time For My Life book provides you with small painless steps that create awareness for your actions. The human brain is special because it changes and grows with experience. What you do and what you think can cause your brain to rewire.

Donna Reiss book testimonialThea, I have always dreamed of taking a journey toward that place of golden light where the sun shines brightly on your biggest dreams. I find your book transforming my life from ordinary to extraordinary and it is as easy as turning the pages of your book. I have always looked forward to receiving your forward steps daily, as it is the first email I open every morning, but this is much much more ...and it has brought so many positive changes in my life just by starting my day reading your book one page daily. It makes you think and that is a good thing especially when it is a positive thought filled with new ideas ...Your book bridges the gap between your aspirations and the manifestation of your daily goals.

I loved how your book shows you how to take the leap of trusting the compass of your soul, and I felt drawn toward a more enlightened life. Thank you for helping me to embrace awareness in so many areas, so I highly recommend your book to all my friends and all my readers... thank you for writing a book I can use daily, along with an adventure that will change my life forever in a very good and positive way! I dare everyone to step into their own power and follow “your” guide with this easy to read and follow book on everyday wisdom from a pro such as you Thea.

Thank you for your dedication in assisting us to harness our full potential.

Much love and light,
Donna Reiss

  This collection of all 365 days, has an entire year in one volume.

  This book does not have a beginning and end. You do not need to start using it in any date order and you can begin using any of its pages, at any point in a year. The fact that each section is divided into months, does not mean that you must adhere to those. It simply helps with ease of referencing.

  The information on each page can easily be used as a self improvement program for yourself. If you take on board every action and idea that is presented on each day in the book then at the end of 12-months, your life will certainly look very different, and definitely be unrecognizable.

  As a paperback copy book it is terrific as a 'flick through' book, when looking for a quick, instant and spontaneous source of inspiration.

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  Makes a wonderful new year gift and fantastic for a milestone birthday or workplace retirement gift. "Time For My Life: 365 Stepping Stones" is the ideal present for friends, family or colleagues, who already have everything!

  Take an inspiration from each day’s page and carry it with you for the day. The pages give you points of reference, somewhere “to hang your hat” every day. Relate to each new page as a hub for the spokes in your wheel.

  Page 423 provides you with a special web link where you can subscribe to receive each day’s page in your email inbox. This subscription is ONLY available to purchasers of the book.

  Each month, 4 bonus pages are included with suggestions for a book to read, a movie to watch, an online video, a personal development web link, a link to a humorous site and an inspiring song. Those 48 bonus-pages provide some terrific resources for your weekends and leisure hours.

Sandee Banks book testimonialThea, how delightful to see this beautifully distilled version that has become a significant piece of work.

It is easy to read and use, incorporates powerful quotes and focuses the reader to reflect, find clarity and move to action.

The periodic use of weblinks also allows the reader to access and engage in experiential learning to touch different aspects of themselves.

Time for My Life flows well and I believe it will make its mark in the world through its versatility by working the stepping stones daily or as a quick reminder of who we choose to be.

Sandee Banks PCC, FCIS
Executive & Personal Coach

Don’t let another day go by without the benefit of this book...

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